Ayurvedic Oil Body Treatment [ABT]

This deeply healing therapy — often referred to as the “bliss treatment” — begins with Abhyanga, a balancing warm-oil massage with specialized strokes designed to stimulate lymph and blood circulation, support hormonal balance, strengthen and help detox all the tissues of the body, supporting the immune system. A blend of organic seed and essential oils are applied to the client’s head and body. The warm oil treatment stimulates, clears, and balances the energy patterns of the body-mind.

This is followed by Shirodhara, the application of a continuous slow stream of warm oil poured over the forehead and scalp, calming the central nervous system. Simultaneously having a slowing and balancing effect, while stimulating the endocrine system’s pituitary and pineal glands, enhancing blood circulation to the brain, Shirodhara helps to release deeply trapped toxins. This treatment calms the mind, which allows for deep relaxation and improved sleep.



60 min

Abyhanga & Shirodhara


90 min